Patricia A. McKillip’s THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD is among the favorite reads of 2020

Cover by Thomas Canty

A. Siegel on their eponymous site, ranks THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD and The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip as their favorite reads of the year.

As you can see, I’ve discovered a new favorite author, Patricia A. McKillip. I have read these two novels of hers as well as her short stories, and I am so excited to explore more of her work. Her writing is magical and the characters are deep and feel so real.

THE PURPLE BOOK WYRM praises the classic novel in 2020 Reading Wrap-Up & 2021 Projections || Best & Worst Books of 2020 Included! (Mention starts around 19:11)

The title receives a pair of mentions in REDDIT r/Fantasy.

Books focused on having familiars and/or creature taming?

THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD by Patricia A. McKillip has creature taming. There are a lot of other elements to the book, but the protagonist is a magical beast keeper so to speak.

McKillip’s prose is better than most I’ve come across in fantasy and the book is fairly short (a bit more than 200 pages). So if you’re in the mood for something quicker than the typical fantasy tome, this book is very good.


Looking for recommendations for books that spark joy

THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD is the first book that came to mind when reading OP’s post. Its one of my top five books ever, easily. I’ve been recommending it incessantly recently.