Happy birthday to the award-winning Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt, best known for his intelligent tales of alien contact, has authored 25 acclaimed and award-winnng novels including The Hercules Text (1986; Philip K. Dick Award, special citation), A Talent for War (1989), The Engines of God (1994), Ancient Shores (1996), Moonfall (1998), Infinity Beach (2000), Deepsix (2001), Chindi (2002), Omega (2003; Campbell Award), Polaris (2004), Seeker (2005; Nebula Award), Odyssey (2006), Cauldron (2007), The Devil’s Eye (2008), The Long Sunset (2018), Octavia Gone (2019), and Village in the Sky (2023). He won the Robert A. Heinlein Award in 2015.

Cover by Michael Dashow

Beginning with STANDARD CANDLES (1996), his shorter works have been collected in six collections: Ships in the Night (2005), Outbound (2006), Cryptic: The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt (2009), A Voice in the Night (2018), and Return to Glory (2022). McDevitt, alongside Les Johnson, edited the anthology Going Interstellar (2012).

All of us at Tachyon, wish Jack a happy birthday.