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Nick Mamatas, Kelley Armstrong (photo: Kathryn Hollinrake), Joe R. Lansdale (Ulf Andersen/Getty Images), and Michael Blumlein

NIGHTMARE (FEB. 2019 (ISSUE 77) offers a reprint of Nick Mamatas’ “The Glottal Stop,” which first appeared in THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EVERYTHING.

Dating cis was rough, no doubt. For any woman, but especially for Beatriz Almonte, a living meme who had several years ago made a mistake and gained the attention of a secret bulletin board full of trolls for whom harassing her was a vocation not dissimilar from the priesthood. She had no more free background checks left on Spinstr, but was bored and horny enough to do without just this once and press *sm00ch* on some guy’s face. Another mistake.


That same issue of NIGHTMARE delivers an excerpt from “We Are All Monsters Here” by Kelley Armstrong.

So disappointing. After decades of movies and TV shows and books filled with creatures by turns terrifying and tempting, it was a guarantee that the real thing could never live up to the hype. We knew that. Yet we were still disappointed.

When the first stories hit the news—always from some distant place we’d never visited or planned to visit—the jokes followed. Late-night comedy routines, YouTube videos, Internet memes … people had a blast mocking the reality of vampires. The most popular costume that Halloween? Showing up dressed as yourself and saying, “Look, I’m a vampire.” Ha-ha.


Brad Miska for BLOODY DISGUSTING reports on the inclusion of “The Companion” by Joe R., Kasey, and Keith Lansdale in the forthcoming ShudderTV show Creepshow.

Production Weekly reports that Matt Venne (Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones”, Acts of vengeance, “Fear Itself”: Pelts) will write the “Creepshow” episode “The Companion”, which is based on the 1995 short story by Joe R. Lansdale, Kasey Jo Lansdale, and Keith Lansdale.

“13-year-old Harold decides to explore the long-abandoned farm of the late Raymond Brenner, and finds that he’s got a new Companion: a murderous, indestructible scarecrow.”


At his recent event at Malvern Books, Michael Blumlein read from THE ROBERTS.

And then was interviewed by Christopher Brown.

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