Gorgeous and poignant, Marie Brennan’s DRIFTWOOD offers an experience unlike any other book you are likely to read this or any other year

Marie Brennan’s spellbinding DRIFTWOOD continues to wow readers.

SCINTILLA praises the book.

Driftwood is a challenging book. The number of points of view, the shifting settings, the diverse characters, and the short-story collection feel to the book mean that the reader has to pay attention throughout. The reward, though, is a wildly creative and imaginative novel that showcases an author’s vast talent and hard work. Grab this book with both hands and hang on with white knuckles for an experience unlike any other book you are likely to read this or any other year.


Driftwood will haunt you long after you’ve set it down. Brennan has crafted a gorgeous, poignant apocalypse where getting a second chance doesn’t always mean getting a new life. Each of the diaspora she’s depicted are richly imagined, complex, and compelling. I cannot recommend it enough. 

KEIKII EATS BOOKS finds the novel satisfying.

I absolutely adored DRIFTWOOD.


While short, DRIFTWOOD is just so full of life. I wouldn’t say it is full of happiness, since it is filled with people who are slowly losing their homes and lives. But it is full of life, regardless. I love the world that Brennan wrote. And I may have a small crush on Last. Even though he was rarely anything other than an enigma told by the storyteller. But when he was more, he was a friend.

I don’t know if this is a book one in a series or a standalone, but I really hope I get more from this world. And Last.

LOOKING GLASS READS continues the love.

Between the extremely original world building, effective story telling and fantastic writing I was spellbound by DRIFTWOOD

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