Happy birthday to the Hugo Award winner Jo Walton

Beginning with The King’s Peace (2000), Jo Walton’s 13
novels have garnered much acclaim. Not satisfied with just her 2002
Campbell for Best New Writer, Walton has won the World Fantasy (Tooth
and Claw, 2003), Prometheus (Ha’penny,
2007), Mythopoeic (Lifelode, 2009), and Tiptree (My Real
, 2014) awards. Among Others (2011) received the
trifecta of Hugo, Nebula, and British Fantasy awards. Last year, she
was given Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction (aka

Her three volumes of
poetry include Muses And Lurkers (2001), Sibyls And
(February 2009), and Rivers And Robots In The Helix
And The Hard Road
(2013). Earlier this year, Tachyon published
the fiction and poetry collection STARLINGS. Her non-fiction was
collected in What Makes This Book So Great (2014) and An
Informal History of the Hugos

Walton’s other
works include the Thessaly trilogy (The Just City [2015], The
Philosopher Kings
[2015], Necessity [2016]) and the
anthology The Helix and the Hard Road (2013; co-edited with
Joan Slonczewski).

All of us at Tachyon wish the talented and insightful Jo, a magnificent birthday.

For more info on STARLINGS, visit the Tachyon page.

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