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Catching Shadows praises THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD: SPECIAL 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, which is current available for pre-order directly from Tachyon and all finer booksellers.

McKillip’s work has a thoughtful, introspective and dreamlike feel, and THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD is just a powerful and thought-provoking as the first time I read it in my teens.

Susan Palwick was inducted into the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame.

On December 1, 2023 we attended the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame event at the University of Nevada Reno to celebrate this year’s inductees. Susan Palwick was inducted into the Hall of Fame and Megan Edwards was awarded the 2023 Silver Pen award.

Cover by Ann Monn

Scott Edelman on episodes 214 and 215 of his podcast Eating the Fantastic met individually with Nina Kiriki Hoffman and Pat Murphy.

We discussed the way a ghost story which left her wanting more led to her taking her writing more seriously, her early reactions to reading Robert A. Heinlein and Ursula K. Le Guin, how the Clarion workshop convinced her she could have a career as a writer, the way she wanted to grow up to be a combination of Ray Bradbury and Zenna Henderson, what she learned about characterization from Samuel R. Delany while at Clarion, the major difference she saw between the horror and science fiction communities during the early days of the Internet, how my perception of the arc her career was affected not by what she wrote but by what she sold, the lesson Ellen Datlow taught her which she passes on to her students, and much more.

214 with Nina Kiriki Hoffman

We discussed the part of Robert A. Heinlein’s famed rules of writing with which she disagrees, why she felt the need to attend the Clarion writing workshop even after having made several sales to major pro markets, the occasional difficulties in decoding what an editor is truly trying to tell you, the importance of never giving up your day jobs, why she can’t read Dylan Thomas when she’s working on a novel, the differences between the infighting we’ve seen in the science fiction vs. literary fields, what we perceive as our personal writing flaws, a Clarion critiquing mystery I’ve been attempting to solve since 1979, the science fiction connection which launched her career at the Exploratorium, and much more.

215 with Pat Murphy

Charlie Jane Anders and Meg Ellison each shared remembrances of the late Terry Bisson.

Terry was incredibly generous to me when I was starting out as a baby SFF writer, and welcomed so many new people into the field. I was privileged to publish a few of his short pieces in a magazine I worked on back in the day. SF won’t be the same without him.

Charlie Jane Anders

This morning someone texted me the news that he had died. I had time to think about all the nights I had seen him drunk at parties, laughing his ass off, telling stories of his own. I remembered all the times he had described how weird it was to find a Chinese radio play of “They’re Made of Meat” and come to grips with the legacy of a story that’s less than a thousand words long and reaches people in every language, year after year. I thought about the night at the Locus Christmas party when he had offered me one of his hand-rolled unfiltered cigarettes under the stars.

I don’t smoke, but I figured I might never again have the opportunity to smoke the spit of a genius like him.

Inhale, inhale, inhale.

Thank you, Terry.

Meg Ellison