The compelling SECRET HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION is going back to press

Tachyon Publications is proud to announce a new printing of the acclaimed anthology The Secret History of Science Fiction.

“All I really want to do, at the moment, is embrace the unsuspecting editors in a massive, spine-crunching bear hug”
Los Angeles Times

The Secret Is Out

Exploring an alternate history of science fiction, this ingenious anthology showcases eighteen brilliant authors leading the way to a new literature of the future. These award-winning stories defy trends, cross genres, and prove that great fiction cannot be categorized.

Two strangely detached astronauts orbit Earth while a third world war rages on. A primatologist’s lover suspects her of obsession with one of her simian charges. The horrors of trench warfare dovetail with the theoretical workings of black holes. A dissolving marriage and bitter custody dispute are overshadowed by the arrival of time travelers. An astonishing invention that records the sense of touch is far too dangerous for Thomas Edison to reveal.

The future is here. Read it.

“These stories are good enough to make The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley pop his cartoon monocle.”

“A compelling collection…very unique and thought provoking.”
Sacramento Book Review

“If you’re interested in reading a bunch of stories written by some of the best contemporary writers out there, you’ll like this anthology. If you also want to read some of the best science-fiction stories since the ’70s, you’ll love this anthology.”

Table of Contents

Introduction by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel

“Angouleme” by Thomas M. Disch
“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. Le Guin
“Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Crisis” by Kate Wilhelm
“Descent of Man” by T.C. Boyle
“Human Moments in World War III” by Don DeLillo
“Homelanding” by Margaret Atwood
“The Nine Billion Names of God” by Carter Scholz
“Interlocking Pieces” by Molly Gloss
“Salvador” by Lucius Shepard
“Schwarzschild Radius” by Connie Willis
“Buddha Nostril Bird” by John Kessel
“The Ziggurat” by Gene Wolfe
“The Hardened Criminals” by Jonathan Lethem
“Standing Room Only” by Karen Joy Fowler
“10^16 to 1” by James Patrick Kelly
“93990” by George Saunders
“The Martian Agent, A Planetary Romance” by Michael Chabon
“Frankenstein’s Daughter” by Maureen F. McHugh
“The Wizard of West Orange” by Steven Millhauser

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Cover by Ann Monn.