Tachyon tidbits featuring Peter Watts, Philip K. Dick, Jane Yolen, and Jeff VanderMeer

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Not an easy book to read quickly – for all Peter Watts being an erudite and fun-to-read writer. Both the structure and a lot of the subject matter and topics make skimming hard, I found.

But full of intelligent, and frequently original discourse and though, very much worth reading and getting entertained (and challenged) by. Go get yours, now!

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Spanish sites LIBROS PROHIBIDOS and C review THE SEARCH FOR PHILIP K. DICK by Anne R. Dick.

In conclusion, In Search of Philip K. Dick is a text that will interest fans of the author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? But it is also an excellent memoir written by an intelligent and interesting woman in her own right who has lived in the shadow of her ex-husband. Anne R. Dick’s fluid, detailed and evocative prose, enhanced by extraordinary translation work, deserves a place on our shelves regardless of who was the subject of her memoirs.

LIBROS PROHIBIDOS “Anne R. Dick: En busca de Philip K. Dick” review by Ana Casanova
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In Search of Philip K. Dick is a book for Dick enthusiasts, for the 1960s enthusiasts, and for anyone who wants to get close to Dick and not quite know where to start.

C “En busca de Philip K. Dick, de Anne R. Dick” review by Mario Amadas
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Massachusetts Center for the Book announced the Must Reads (long lists) in the 20th Annual Massachusetts Book Awards. Among the honorees was Eek, You Reek! by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple.

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At ELECTRIC LIT, Nino Cipri includes Jeff VanderMeer’s Authority among 7 Terrifying Horror Stories About Class.

The second book in VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy sees the weirdness of Area X permeate the facility tasked with controlling it. Authority mixes mundane office drama with spy-vs-spy paranoia and VanderMeer’s particular brand of the Weird. The novel thrums with a strain of dark humor and the surreal, familiar to anyone who’s been trapped in a job with a dysfunctional organization. For a shorter and stranger take on surreal office horror, read “The Situation” in his collection THE THIRD BEAR, or a comic adaptation of it at Tor.com.