The best-selling ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL is Daniel Pinkwater at his best, most charming and delightful

OBLONG BOOKS & MUSIC includes Daniel Pinkwater’s ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL among their best-selling titles. (This along with all the rest of the 2020 titles, is currently 20% off with free media mail shipping on the Tachyon site)

Cover by Aaron Renier
Design by Elizabeth Story

Deborah J. Ross, on her eponymous blog, loves the book.

Daniel Pinkwater is at his best, most charming and delightful in this tale of a girl from the Dwerg people – you know, the “little men” responsible for Rip Van Winkle sleeping for twenty years? The ones you can never find, no matter how hard you look? The ones who mine gold in the Catskills, can run unbelievably fast, practice domesticity on a level capable of boring any young person to tears? Such is Molly Van Dwerg’s world until she decides to leave home, armed with a couple of Dwergish gold coins and irrepressible self-confidence.

Art by Aaron Renier

For DO THE M@TH, Ethan Iverson recommends this new classic.

Kids still read! On the YA tip, the great Daniel Pinkwater has a new book out, ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL. It’s classic Pinkwater, one of his best. Yes! God bless Daniel Pinkwater. When I was a kid, I treated Alan Mendelsohn, Boy From Mars and Lizard Music as manuals of style. I will always owe Pinkwater a great debt.

Art by Aaron Renier

Cory Doctorow, at PLURALISTIC, revisits the title in his All the books I reviewed in 2020.

Like every Pinkwater novel, it defies description, it is brilliant, and it is his best to date. Ghosts, Revolutionary War fleshbots, papaya juice, and supernatural beings from the Catskills!

Art by Aaron Renier