Join Tachyon editors Jill Roberts and Jaymee Goh for Flights of Foundry

For the inaugural FLIGHTS OF FOUNDRY, a virtual convention for speculative creators and their fans, Jill Roberts and Jaymee Goh participate in a pair of conversations.

Friday, April 16 • 9PM – 9:50PM PT

What All the People Working on Your Book Are Doing
A journey from pitched to published, discussing what happens every step of the way and the professionals that contribute to the process
Rosemary Jones (m), Mike Allen, Laura Blackwell, and Jill Roberts

Saturday, April 17 • 5PM – 5:50PM PT

Short Stories Are Not Baby Novels
Due to their length, short stories are often seen as the “first step” towards writing longer works, that one can “graduate” from writing short to long fiction. Editors and writers of the form will discuss the traits unique to short fiction and what you can do with them that can’t be done with novels: from structures, to story types, to common slips, to writing approaches.
Jaymee Goh (m), Todd Sanders, José Pablo Iriarte, Erin Roberts, and S.B. Divya