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“Some of the best Lovecraftian short fiction of the past 30 years.”
—Washington Post

Behold these newly-illustrated legends of modern horror’s most wicked progeny. In Lovecraft’s Monsters, H. P. Lovecraft’s famous creations—Cthulhu, Shoggoths, Deep Ones, and more—are celebrated in all their terrifying glory. Contributors include such literary luminaries as Neil Gaiman, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Karl Edward Wagner, Elizabeth Bear, and Nick Mamatas. The monsters are lovingly rendered in spectacular original art by World Fantasy Award–winning artist John Coulthart (The Steampunk Bible).

“If you like Lovecraft even a little bit, this collection is a must.”
—Book Riot

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Ellen Datlow
  • Foreword by Stefan Dziemianowicz
  • “Only the End of the World Again” by Neil Gaiman
  • “The Bleeding Shadow” by Joe R. Lansdale
  • “Love Is Forbidden, We Croak and Howl” by Caitlín R. Kiernan
  • “Bulldozer” by Laird Barron
  • “A Quarter to Three” by Kim Newman
  • “Inelastic Collisions” by Elizabeth Bear
  • “That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable” by Nick Mamatas
  • “Red Goat Black Goat” by Nadia Bulkin
  • “Jar of Salts” and “Haruspicy” by Gemma Files
  • “Black as the Pit From Pole to Pole” by Howard Waldrop and Steven Utley
  • “I’ve Come to Talk With You Again” by Karl Edward Wagner
  • “The Sect of the Idiot” by Thomas Ligotti
  • “The Dappled Thing” by William Browning Spencer
  • “The Same Deep Waters as You” by Brian Hodge
  • “Remnants” by Fred Chappell
  • “Waiting at the Cross Roads Motel” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “Children of the Fang” by John Langan

“Ellen Datlow’s second editorial outing into the realm of Lovecraft proves even more fruitful than the first. Focusing on Lovecraftian monsters, Datlow offers readers sixteen stories and two poems of a variety that should please any fans of the genre.”
—The Arkham Digest

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Cover and illustrations by John Coulthart.