Tachyon tidbits featuring Hannu Rajaniemi, Daryl Gregory, and Susan Palwick

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Hannu Rajaniemi (Photo: Uránia Filmszínház)/Daryl Gregory/Susan Palwick


NPR included the sold out HANNU RAJANIEMI: COLLECTED FICTION as part of their Book Concierge, a guide to 2015′s great reads.

In Hannu Rajaniemi’s collected short fiction, godhood is a plague, the city of Paris woos a Finnish man, a record chain’s logo is a dense symbolic capsule, and stories occasionally read you while you read them. Mixing myth, fairy tale and hard science fiction in dazzling proportions, these stories are mind-blowing, engrossing revelations of which I can only speak hyperbolically. From Finland to the farthest reaches of outer space, Rajaniemi weds vast scope to marvelous intimacy in prose reminiscent of a ringing glass bell.

— recommended by Amal El-Mohtar, book critic


THE ILLUSTRATED PAGE praises Daryl Gregory’s World Fantasy Award winning novella WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.

WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a complicated, dark story with a cast of damaged people at it’s core. I would highly recommend it, and I hope Gregory decides to write a sequel.

On her blog SHEL GRAVES’ SENSORIUM, Graves reviews Susan Palwick’s story “Gestella” from the collection THE FATE OF MICE.

Why it springs to mind: A hauntingly beautiful horror story about what happens when a woman relinquishes her power. A unique werewolf story with commentary on aging. 



The powerful ending! The word: sportfuck. A new take on lycanthropy. Written in second person — you.


“You know that your growing wisdom is the benefit of aging, the compensation for your wrinkles and your fading—although fading slowly as yet—beauty. You also know that Jonathan didn’t marry you for wisdom.”

Personal connection:

Some of my favorite stories seem to be the ones that address the issues of women aging: Margaret Atwood’s “Torching the Dusties” and Mary Robinette Kowal’s “The Lady Astronaut of Mars”. This also fits with one of my favorite themes for thought — the relationship between the treatment of human animals and animals. What we allow to be done to one, can be done to the other.

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