More praise for Bruce Sterling’s wonder-romp PIRATE UTOPIA


Gwyneth Jones, Nick Mamatas, and Paul Di Filippo join Michael Moorcock in his praise for Bruce Sterling’s forthcoming alt history, dieselpunk adventure PIRATE UTOPIA.

“A splendidly illustrated Futurist romp, reminiscent of the comedic elements in Pynchon’s GRAVITY’S RAINBOW, PIRATE UTOPIA riffs on real, recondite modern history to truly bizarre effect.”
—Gwyneth Jones, author of LIFE and THE GRASSHOPPER’S CHILD


“I don’t know why a little weirdo like me is blurbing a demigod like Bruce Sterling, but listen, little weirdos: the PIRATE UTOPIA is calling for you! Build the future before it gets built for you; read this book.”
—Nick Mamatas, author of SENSATION and I AM PROVIDENCE


“Bruce Sterling maintains that J. G. Ballard was the most accurate and brilliant prophet ever to arise from the ranks of science fiction. I have to disagree, and hereby nominate Sterling himself for that honor. Although his newest, PIRATE UTOPIA, a rigorously gonzo counterfactual, is not one of the thickly detailed futures he has often previously imagined, it nonetheless captures the feelings and vectors and strange attractors of the present day in a most startling and entertaining fashion. As politics, culture and individual lifestyles warp and mutate and shatter around us, dynamic individuals learn how to assemble new and more satisfying outlaw lives from the shards. Sterling’s intimate acquaintance with modern Europe powers this compact powerhouse of a book, and his insights into the human soul enliven the vivid, heterogenous cast. Using the powers consecrated by my ethnicity, I hereby dub Sterling an honorary Italian, and a worthy successor to our Futurist heritage!”
—Paul Di Filippo, author of A PALAZZO IN THE STARS

The PIRATE UTOPIA revolution happens this November!

For more info on PIRATE UTOPIA, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover and images by John Coulthart