Tachyon tidbits featuring Kameron Hurley, David Liss, John Kessel, and Lavie Tidhar

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

At Reads RainbowWrap-up June 2022“, Charlotte awarded, without comment, 4 rainbows to Kameron Hurley’s MEET ME IN THE FUTURE.

June might be over but every month is Pride month on this blog! Because let’s be honest, to be able to recommend you as many books and movies, as we do, we must consume giant amounts of them on daily basis. No matter what it is.

So check out what Pride had to offer to us, and hopefully get inspire to read/watch something new!

Cover by Carl Sutton
Design by Elizabeth Story

Jacey Blue Renner in San Antonio Magazine (July/August 2022) included THE PECULIARITIES by David Liss on “Summer Hit List

The latest release from this historical fiction author marries Victorian England with supernatural oddities. Thomas, a proper gentleman, navigates a mysterious murder, all while trying to understand why magic is transforming him into something unexpected: a tree.

Design by Elizabeth Story

For Locus, Russell Letson praises The Dark Ride: The Best Short Fiction of John Kessel.

I love big career-retrospective single-author collections, especially when the author provides notes on genesis and biographical context. John Kessel’s turn has come with The Dark Ride, a gathering of 20 stories from 1981-2021 that shows his command of a wide range of motifs and styles and his recurring concerns in our field and beyond. It adds up to a map of a career that has been interestingly consistent over the four decades covered.

On his eponymous site, Lavie Tidhar announces his new anthology The Best of World SF: Volume 2.

This has been a lot of hard work behind the scene, and today I’m delighted to share the cover and table of contents for The Best of World SF: Volume 2! Published by Head of Zeus in hardcover and e-book in September (UK and elsewhere) and November (US), this is big 175,000 words anthology! Cover design by Ben Prior. It makes a gorgeous set with the first volume!