Titles from Kameron Hurley, Lisa Goldstein, Lavie Tidhar, and Hannu Rajaniemi & Jacob Weisman all garner best of year notices

Cover by Carl Sutton
Design by Elizabeth Story

Both FOREWORD and PAT’S FANTASY HOTLIST include Kameron Hurley’s MEET ME IN THE FUTURE among the best books of 2019.

Meet Me in the Future is an episodic jaunt across distant stars whose sixteen short stories bubble with laughter, thrills, tears, and questions. …The stories’ settings are as diverse as their characters, ranging from familiar to surreal. Elements of magic swirl among spaceships, while a body mercenary proves able to jump between corpses. … A trek across galaxies that hits home, Meet Me in the Future is a love letter to the best of science fiction.”


Although some are definitely better than others, overall the stories contained within the pages of Meet Me in the Future are all good reads in their own right. Even better, though disparate in style and tone, there are enough recurring themes explored throughout the tales that the book stands rather well on its own.

Cover by Elizabeth Story

LYNN’S BOOK BLOG ranks Lisa Goldstein’s IVORY APPLES as one of the best.

This is my first book by Lisa Goldstein but here is an author that definitely needs to go on my auto buy list. I don’t know what it is but here is an author that can make a book feel personal. Like this book was written for me. It was, I swear it was. The writing is really lovely, hypnotic almost.

Without comment, Kendra Preston Leonard’s list of best books of the year includes Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman‘s THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION and Lavie Tidhar’s THE VIOLENT CENTURY.