Tachyon tidbits featuring Marjorie Liu, David Liss, Caitlín R. Kiernan, and Michael Moorcock

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

In their podcast, Lez Geek Out! praises Marjorie Liu’s THE TANGLEROOT PALACE.

Andi and Lise loved this collection of self-curated short stories (plus one novella) by majorly award-winning spec fic writer Marjorie Liu. These stories represent a collection from roughly 2009 until more recently, and span a range of spec fic genres, including paranormal, post-apocalyptic, fairy tale, superhero, and steampunk. Liu writes multi-layered character-driven stories that will suck you right in and leave you wanting more. Do yourself a favor and definitely pick up a copy of THE TANGLEROOT PALACE: STORIES.

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Suroor Alikhan for Talking About Books interviews David Liss about several of his books including THE PECULIARITIES.

TAB: You use magic and fantasy in your latest novel, The Peculiarities. I am curious to know what led you to do this.

DL: I’ve always had a fascination with real historical magic, by which I mean magic that was practiced by real people who believed that what they were doing was an efficacious way to interact with or influence the world around them. In particular, I’ve had an ongoing interest in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which was a massively influential magical organization in late Victorian London. It’s no exaggeration to say that most people in the West who practice magic today are practicing some form of Golden Dawn magic. THE PECULIARITIES began with the desire to write about the Golden Dawn, though I didn’t really know what angle I wanted to take when I began researching. At some point in the process, I decided that treating their magical practices as valid and efficacious appealed to me as a narrative premise, and the rest unfolded from there.

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Charlie Jane Anders on Tik Tok and Instagram discusses trans authors who influenced her writing including Caitlín R. Kiernan. Anders showcases the author with THE VERY BEST OF CAITLÍN R. KIERNAN.

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In Locus, Paul di Filippo gushes about The Citadel of Forgotten Dreams, Michael Moorcock’s return to his seminal character Elric.

Moorcock’s ability to convey action vividly, to envision otherworldly vistas, and to couch it all in elegant prose remains undimmed. I mentioned Lord Dunsany as a predecessor for Moorcock, but I would also have to enter Clark Ashton Smith as an inspiration and coequal. This alliance extends to Moorcock’s great ability to conjure up names, although I did object to one such: the evil Ramada Sabaru. The given name, of course, instantly evokes a hotel chain, while the surname echoes a carmaker. But aside from that, all is Vancian perfection.

This could very well be the final installment of Elric’s long exploits, and if so, Moorcock can retire proudly from the walls of Imrryr.