Join Nalo Hopkinson, Tim Powers, and Tad Williams for the virtual fan convention LockDownCon

Nalo Hopkinson, Tim Powers, and Tad Williams are among the numerous attendees to LockDownCon, June 26-28.

Three days of panels celebrating authors, filmmakers, game designers, podcasters, futurists, cosplayers, and other amazing thinkers and creators! Completely online and totally FREE.

Tachyon authors are involved in the scheduled programming.

Saturday, June 27

11:00am PST

Afro-Futuristic Visions In Comics

John Jennings, Geoffrey Thorne, Gabriel Valentin, Brandon Easton, Nalo Hopkinson, Neal Hallford (M)

1pm PST

Top Shelf Fantasy: Conversations With Epic Authors

Tim Powers, Elizabeth Hand, Tad Williams, Ilana C. Myer, Neal Hallford (M)