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Jane Yolen

Illustrations by
Ruth Sanderson

ISBN: Hardcover: 978-1-61696-350-7; Digital: 978-1-61696-351-4

Published: November 2021

Available Format(s): Hardcover and Digital

This is the story Herman Melville should have written.

Daniel Pinkwater. author of Lizard Music and Adventures of a Dwergish Girl

Continuing the story from where Moby-Dick leaves off, this compelling boyhood adventure, penned by beloved author Jane Yolen (Owl Moon), hearkens to timeless coming-of-age tales of yore. Masterfully illustrated by Ruth Sanderson, the journey of a boy and his dog comes to life on the page.

Fourteen-year-old Josiah Starbuck dreams of joining the crew of a whaling ship someday, just like his father and his grandfather had. But Josiah’s world turns upside-down when a ragged sailor arrives on his doorstep.

The sailor is called Ishmael, and he has terrible news: Josiah’s father, the first mate of the Pequod, is dead, along with the rest of the crew. Ishmael claims they were led to their doom by the mad Captain Ahab and Ahab’s hunt for the legendary white whale Moby-Dick. But Josiah is not so certain his father’s death was that simple. Why did only Ishmael survive the shipwreck of the Pequod?

Grief-stricken, Josiah sets sail with his dog, Zeke, in order to find the truth of his father’s death. Can he and Zeke discover the secrets of the Pequod at the mysterious Arch of Bone?