Tachyon tidbits featuring Daryl Gregory, Ellen Datlow, Lauren Beukes, and Ann VanderMeer

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Daryl Gregory, Ellen Datlow (credit: THIS IS HORROR), Lauren Beukes, and Ann VanderMeer (CHION WOLF / WNPR)

At TOR.COM, Natalie Zutter mentions Daryl Gregory’s World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson Award winning WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE in (Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!

Optioned for: Television (Syfy)

What it’s about: Psychotherapist Dr. Jan Sayer brings together the final girls (and final boys) of various horror-movie scenarios for a support group. But in trying to help these survivors, Dr. Sayer unwittingly unlocks the supernatural evils buried within their consciousnesses.

Status: After Wes Craven’s death in 2015, Syfy announced that it still intends to move forward with a number of projects, including WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.


Angela Matano for CAMPUS CIRCLE suggests that Ellen Datlow’s thrilling NIGHTMARES: A NEW DECADE OF MODERN HORROR makes a good holiday gift.

A kind of sequel to her era-defining anthology DARKNESS, Ellen Datlow’s NIGHTMARES: A NEW DECADE OF MODERN HORROR brings together the venerable editor’s picks for the best tales of terror of the last ten years. Old masters like Gene Wolfe are represented alongside younger favorites like Robert Shearman and Livia Llewellyn, with a slew of stories to get under your skin.


At LIT REACTOR, Gabino Iglesias includes three Tachyon contributors among the 11 Nasty Women Dominating Weird Fiction.

Ann VanderMeer

Editor and publisher extraordinaire, Ann VanderMeer is one of the few editors who seem to have a hand on the pulse of weird fiction in such a way that she can predict what the next thing will be as well as find the best voices in an overcrowded market. Besides the Hugo Award and World Fantasy Award that sit on her shelves, VanderMeer was also the editor-in-chief of WEIRD TALES for five years and is currently an acquiring editor for TOR.COM. If she touches it, teaches it, or suggests it, it’s good. And she’s been doing it for thirty years.


Ellen Datlow

Datlow has been one of the best anthologists around since I started reading. Simply put, I don’t remember not having her anthologies around. Whether it’s horror, science fiction, or fantasy, she knows what’s good. In terms of awards, this space is too small to list them all, but know this: if it matters, she has received it or been nominated for it.


The most beautiful thing about this list is that I could go on forever. I just read and reviewed Lauren Beukes’ SLIPPING, for example, and it was amazing. The point is that weird fiction is full of nasty, magical women doing truly fantastic work, and I hope you go explore what they’re doing.

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