Carrie Vaughn’s THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR is fantastic

Cover art by Rebecca Harp
Design by Elizabeth Story

Both on their microblog RANDOM (NOT REALLY) and blog RANDOM READING, Michelle Klishis praises Carrie Vaughn’s THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR.

THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR by Carrie Vaughn was fantastic. It’s the backstory of Rick the Vampire, and has one of my favorite short stories embedded in it.


What I love most about Rick / Ricardo is he is quite unlike any other vampire I’ve read. He never wanted to be a vampire, and refused to allow his changing to turn him into a monster.

Rating: 9/10


ONE BOOK TWO felt much the same about the audio edition.

I think I would read any story set in Kitty’s world, whether it was about Kitty or her many interesting acquaintances. Vaughn has created a rich world full of magic and mayhem that could support thousands of stories. Sign me up for all of them!