Tachyon tidbits featuring Kameron Hurley, Lisa Goldstein, Daniel Pinkwater, Peter S. Beagle, Patricia A. McKillip, and Nalo Hopkinson

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi won the 2019 OTHERWISE AWARD with Kameron Hurley’s MEET ME IN THE FUTURE included among the Honor List.

The full HONOR LIST:

  • Kylie Ariel Bemis, “Dreamborn” (in Maiden, Mother, Crone, edited by Gwen Benaway, Bedside Press 2019)
  • Meg Elison, The Book of Flora (47North 2019)
  • Akwaeke Emezi, Pet (Make Me a World 2019)
  • Kameron Hurley, Meet Me in the Future (Tachyon Publications 2019)
  • Innocent Chizaram Ilo, “Of Warps and Wefts” (Strange Horizons, March 2018; reprinted in Transcendent 4: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, edited by Bogi Tackás, Lethe Press 2019)
  • Mary Robinette Kowal, The Calculating Stars (Tor Books 2018)
  • Laurie J. Marks, The Elemental Logic series (Fire Logic, Earth Logic, Water Logic, and Air Logic, Small Beer 2019)
  • Yukiko Motoya, The Lonesome Bodybuilder (Soft Skull Press 2018)
  • Rivers Solomon, The Deep (Gallery / Saga Press 2019)

Congratulations to all.

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Adolescent Ivy’s great-aunt Maeve wrote the beloved novel IVORY APPLES with the help of the muses — supernatural beings that enter Ivy’s life and bring desperate, dangerous occult seekers there as well. Goldstein veils female bildungsroman with imagination and myth in another assured modern fantasy reminiscent of her excellent 2011 modern fairy tale THE UNCERTAIN PLACES.

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Cory Doctorow on PLURALISTIC is very excited about Daniel Pinkwater’s forthcoming ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL.

IOW: this is a book with every single thing I love about Pinkwater novels. Reading Daniel Pinkwater – as a kid and as an adult – was hugely important to my development as a writer and a human being. Meeting another Pinkwater fan is always a sign that you are among good people.

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