Inventive, thought-provoking, and audacious, Lavie Tidhar’s THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD is one of the best books of the year

The World Fantasy, Campbell, Xingyun, and Neukom Award winning-author Lavie Tidhar’s new science fiction novel THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD ranks among the best books of 2023 according to Publishers Weekly, The Guardian, and New Scientist. Amber Troska for Ancillary Review of Books and Raf Blutaxt on YouTube both praise the novel.

Cover of The Circumference of the World by Lavie Tidhar
Cover by Elizabeth Story

This mind-bending metafictional tale from World Fantasy Award winner Tidhar imagines a lost pulp masterpiece that may or may not hold the secrets of the universe and sends an eclectic cast on a whirlwind quest to track the book down. It’s both a love letter to the genre and a wildly entertaining romp.

Publishers Weekly

Inventive, thought-provoking, audacious and, as ever with Tidhar, superbly readable, this is where his genius lies.

The Guardian

Despite the focus on grand existential mysteries and its metatextual elements, THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD is, overall, an inviting and propulsive read and its characters keep you invested in the core mysteries of the story, even without much of a plot in the traditional sense. I feel this rather simplistic observation is worth noting because this tendency for the novel to propel the reader forward can be a little misleading—it is a book that rewards slow, thoughtful consideration. 

Ancillary Review of Books
Raf Blutaxt