With the help of the fine people at Goodreads, we’re giving away an Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) of The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2, featuring even more quality, award-winning stories from the legendary magazine.

The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2 continues to showcase some of the most famous authors writing in any genre. F&SF jumpstarted the careers of bestselling authors such as Bruce Sterling, and Jane Yolen and continues to champion bold new crossover talents including Paolo Bacigalupi and Ken Liu. 

Now drawing upon F&SF‘s impressive history of classic and contemporary tales, this extraordinary companion anthology revisits and expands upon sixty-five years’ worth of top-notch fiction. These broad-ranging, award-winning tales appeal to readers of genre fiction and beyond, exploring alternate history, time travel, urban fantasy, virtual reality, modern myth, horror, interstellar travel, epic fantasy, mystery, and space opera. 


  • “The Third Level” by Jack Finney 
  • “Fondly Fahrenheit” by Alfred Bester 
  • “The Cosmic Charge Account” by C. M. Kornbluth 
  • “The Anything Box” by Zenna Henderson 
  • “The Prize of Peril” by Robert Sheckley 
  • “—-All You Zombies—-” by Robert A. Heinlein 
  • “Green Magic” by Jack Vance 
  • “The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth” by Roger Zelazny 
  • “Narrow Valley” by R. A. Lafferty 
  • “Sundance” by Robert Silverberg 
  • “Attack of the Giant Baby” by Kit Reed 
  • “The Hundredth Dove” by Jane Yolen 
  • “Jeffty Is Five” by Harlan Ellison 
  • “Salvador” by Lucius Shepard 
  • “The Aliens Who Knew, I mean, Everything” by George Alec Effinger 
  • “Rat” by J. P. Kelly 
  • “The Friendship Light” by Gene Wolfe 
  • “The Bone Woman” by Charles de Lint 
  • “The Lincoln Train” by Maureen McHugh 
  • “Maneki Neko” by Bruce Sterling 
  • “Winemaster” by Robert Reed 
  • “Suicide Coast” by M. John Harrison 
  • “Have Not Have” by Geoff Ryman 
  • “The People of Sand & Slag” by Paolo Bacigalupi 
  • “Echo” by Liz Hand 
  • “The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates” by Stephen King 
  • “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu 

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