Kimberly Unger’s NUCLEATION is an enjoyable mix of cyberpunk and space opera

SCIFI REVIEWS BY MATT praises Kimberly Unger’s forthcoming NUCLEATION (not due until November, but available for pre-order from your favorite bookseller or direct from Tachyon and for reviewers via EDELWEISS and NETGALLEY).

I really enjoyed this book. It kind of had a cyberpunk feel without the major cyberpunk themes. For example, the operators remotely control equipment from a “coffin” over a “quantum entanglement” feed and I guess you could consider Helen “hard-boiled”, yet there is no mentioned social order or corporate elite or other themes that you would typically associate with cyberpunk. I really enjoyed some of the unique ideas explored throughout this novel, such as literal golf ball sized spaceships and all space exploration is done remotely. The plot was interesting as well, with Helen trying to accomplish three major tasks: Find out how her teammate could be killed by noise over the quantum entanglement feed several lightyears away. Find out the source of the noise on the entanglement feed. Clear her name of the stigma that comes with piloting a failed mission.


I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any fan of cyberpunk mixed with a little space opera.

CIVILIAN READER is looking forward to the novel.

This sounds like an interesting new sci-fi novel. Not sure if it’s planned as part of a new series or a stand-alone, but looking forward to reading it soon.

On the Tachyon Publications You Tube channel, Unger’s avatar reads from NUCLEATION. Parts one and two are currently available with the remaining two parts releasing within the next ten days.