Booksellers, librarians, bloggers, and reviewers get the freaking delightful JILLIAN VS PARASITE PLANET by Norton Award finalist Nicole Kornher-Stace

Review copies of Nicole Kornher-Stace’s thrilling middle-grade sci-fi novel JILLIAN VS PARASITE PLANET are now available via EDELWEISS and NETGALLEY.

Cover by Scott Brown


by Nicole Kornher-Stace
Cover and Interior Illustrations by Scott Brown

ISBN: Print ISBN: 9781616963454; Digital: 9781616963552

Published: July 2021

Available Format(s): Hardcover and Digital

Can an anxious eleven-year-old find her chill and save her family from creepy aliens? Only if she’s the most awesome, super-brave astronaut since Spaceman Spiff! So take a deep breath, grab your sidekick, and blast off with Jillian to Parasite Planet.

Look out Heinlein, here comes Nicole Kornher-Stace! In her middle grade novel, JILLIAN VS PARASITE PLANET, she not only does a Heinlein space explorer, but her young female hero, with hands full of science and parasites, manages to grow up as well. Huzzah! Great space fun with a lot of ick thrown in as well.

—Jane Yolen, author of The Midnight Circus

Eleven-year-old Jillian hates surprises. Even fun ones make her feel all panicky inside. But, she’s always dreamed of joining her space-explorer parents on a mission. It’s Take Your Kid to Work Day, and Jillian finally has her chance to visit an alien world!

The journey to Planet 80 UMa c is supposed to be just a fun camping trip. But then the local wildlife starts acting really dangerous. Only the onboard computer SABRINA sorta knows what’s happening—at least when it’s not goofing off or telling bad jokes.

Looks like it’s Jillian vs Parasite Planet—and Jillian is determined to win!

Fantastic worldbuilding, a hero you can’t help but root for, and the best sidekick this side of the galaxy.

—Katie Slivensky, author of The Countdown Conspiracy

I like a book that keeps the reader posted on what everybody has to eat. Also, I like a book with worms, (in the story, not in the physical book). Not many books have worms. This one does. It’s a romp. It’s a space romp. It’s a romping story in which food is mentioned, and there are worms, and a neat kid who’s realer than some kids you meet in books.

—Daniel Pinkwater, author of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

Freaking delightful.