Excitement surrounds Patricia A. McKillip’s DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES

The fine folks at TOR.COM are giving away a copy of Patricia A. McKillip’s new collection DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on June 17th.


As part of the Teaser Tuesday meme, THROUGH RASPBERRY
the collection.

“She was part cormorant, the witch sensed, and part human, with some very old regional powers tossed into the mix. Like the witch herself, she’d been around a long time, and had many connections, not all of them innocent or unambiguous.”

~ From the short story “Mer” at 10% into the collection of stories in DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES on my Kindle

Patricia A. McKillip at Westercon 64 in the Fairmont San Jose Hotel on Saturday 2 July 2011 (Stephen Gold/Wikimedia Commons)

John O’Neill of BLACK GATE profiles the book.

A new collection by
Patricia A. McKillip is a major event. In the first four decades of
her very accomplished career she released a scant two short story collections: THE THROME OF THE ERRIL OF SHERILL (1984) and HARROWING
THE DRAGON (2005). Taychon Publications has doubled that number just
in the last four years, starting with WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD

For more info on DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Thomas Canty