Happy birthday to the award-winning author and anthologist James Patrick Kelly

Photo by Bill Clemente

The acclaimed James Patrick Kelly has garnered many awards including the 1996 Hugo for his novelette “Think Like a Dinosaur,” 2000 Hugo for his novelette “10 to 16 to 1,” 2007 Nebula for the novella BURN, and numerous Locus and Asimov’s Readers’ Poll for many of his short stories. Among his brilliant novels/novellas are Planet of Whispers (1984), Freedom Beach (1985 with John Kessel), Look Into the Sun (1989), Wildlife (1994), Mother Go (2017), and King of the Dogs, Queen of the Cats (2020).

Kelly’s amazing short stories have been collected in Heroines (1990), Think Like A Dinosaur And Other Stories (1997), Strange But Not A Stranger (2002), The Wreck Of The Godspeed And Other Stories (2008), Ninety Percent of Everything (2011 with Kessel and Jonathan Lethem), Masters Of Science Fiction: James Patrick Kelly (2016), The Promise Of Space (2018), and The First Law of Thermodynamics (2021). He produced 5 issues of the ezine James Patrick Kelly’s Strangeway (2011-2012) which featured Kelly stories and essays.

Beginning in 2006, Kelly began producing a series of successful anthologies with his good friend John Kessel. The compelling books include FEELING VERY STRANGE: THE SLIPSTREAM ANTHOLOGY (2006), REWIRED: THE POST-CYBERPUNK ANTHOLOGY (2007), THE SECRET HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION (2009), KAFKAESQUE: STORIES INSPIRED BY FRANZ KAFKA (2011), DIGITAL RAPTURE: THE SINGULARITY ANTHOLOGY (2012), and Nebula Awards Showcase 2012 (2012).

All of us at Tachyon wish the sensational Jim a happy birthday.