NIGHTMARES is another excellent anthology by the skilled, widely acclaimed Ellen Datlow

A pair of fresh reviews for Ellen Datlow’s NIGHTMARES: A NEW DECADE OF MODERN HORROR. Plus an interview with the award-winning editor.


At NUDGE, Mario Guslandi praises the anthology.

In a way, this book represents the sequel to another of Ellen Datlow’s countless horror anthologies DARKNESS: TWO DECADES OF MODERN HORROR which included stories published up to 2005. The present, new volume collects twenty-four tales which appeared in print between 2005 and 2015, chosen on the basis of the editor’s expert, refined taste for dark fiction.

Needless to say, should I ever edit a similar anthology, probably almost 80% of the selected material would be different, but so would your own choices, dear reader, so let’s stick to what we’ve got here. And what we have, ignoring personal taste, is yet another of Datlow’s remarkable collections of notable horror tales.


My favourite story in the book, however, is the outstanding “The Clay Party” by Steve Duffy, a powerful tale of desperation and madness revolving around an unlucky caravan of pioneers facing overwhelming difficulties, death and final, unspeakable horrors.

All in all, another excellent anthology by a skilled, widely acclaimed editor.


TURTLE’S SONGS likes the book.

NIGHTMARES is a collection of 24 short stories but they’re not just any short stories. in this collection, editor ellen datlow has once again drawn together stories that not only complement each other but work together to make it clear to the reader that evil exists and sometimes it can’t be beaten.


overall, this is a great collection. it’s a little uneven in some places but all the stories deliver.

four out of five stars


THREE GUYS WITH BEARDS interview Ellen Datlow.

This week on Three Guys with Beards Ellen Datlow, one of the most awarded anthologists and editors in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror joins us to talk about books, current events and the sheer scope of what it is she does for the field. We only had one hour to talk, but the conversation was so delightful we’ll be having her on again, soon as we can arrange it.

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For more info about DARKNESS: TWO DECADES OF MODERN HORROR, visit the Tachyon page.

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