Happy birthday to the award-winning, multi-faceted Pat Murphy

Writer, scientist, and toy maker, Pat Murphy has written eight novels, numerous short stories, innumerable essays, and several nonfiction works. Her many award winning works include The Falling Woman (1986; Nebula), “Rachel in Love” (1987; Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon Memorial, Locus, Asimov’s Readers’ Poll), Points Of Departure (Philip K. Dick), “Bones” (1990; World Fantasy), and There and Back Again (1990; Seiun).

Murphy’s other acclaimed novels include THE SHADOW HUNTER (1982), The City, Not Long After (1989), Nadya (1996), the Max Merriwell series (There and Back Again [1999], Wild Angel [2000], and Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell [2001]), and Prophecy (2016). Tachyon celebrates her return to novel writing in 2025 with The Adventures in Mary Darling.

Her short fiction has been collected in Points of Departure (1990) and Women Up to No Good (2013). The Murphy’s stories “Rachel in Love” (1992), “A Flock of Lawn Flamingos” (1996), and “About Fairies” (2012) each appeared as separate chapbooks. Murphy has authored numerous nonfiction works for the young and young-at-heart including Air Power: Rocket Science Made Simple (2014), The Book of Impossible Objects: 25 Eye-Popping Projects to Make, See & Do (2013), Make a Mummy, Shrink a Head & Other Useful Skills (2011), and The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (2011).

Alongside her other literary accolades and pursuits, she co-founded (with Karen Joy Fowler) the Otherwise Award (formerly known as James Tiptree, Jr. Award.) With Debbie Notkin and Jeffrey D. Smith, the duo edited three volumes of THE JAMES TIPTREE AWARD ANTHOLOGY (2005-2007).

Previously, Murphy was the science editor for Klutz Books, worked at the Exploratorium with Frank Oppenheimer, and the Activity Guru for Mystery Science, where she served as the brains behind all the hands-on activities.

All of us Tachyon wish the extraordinary Pat a special birthday full of cool things that she creates and not.