THE MADONNA AND THE STARSHIP is a delectable morsel of mash-up gumbo


Richard at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud reviews the laugh-it-up lark The Madonna and the Starship.

What a lark! (And I don’t mean either the cigarette or the Studebaker.) If you’re old enough to have watched Lost in Space or Star Trek at night, you’ll resonate with this tale’s daffy Firesign-Theater-esque Smothers-Brothers-y energy; if Captain Video crossed your eyestalks as a sprog, a sharp pang of nostalgia will pierce your vitals to add tears to the grins.


Religion takes its licks…there is nothing on this Earth so satisfying as the mental picture of Jesus arguing that playing god is a bad idea on a show called Not By Bread Alone…but so does rationalism by way of a surrealist romp of acid-trip proportions. Eight-foot-tall blue lobster-women wearing the statue of Prometheus from Rockefeller Center as a necklace tend to fall on the surreal end of my personal story-telling spectrum, don’t know about you.


The fun that I had reading this delectable morsel of mash-up gumbo made this trim volume a sterling value.

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