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Patricia A. McKillip (photo: Stephen Gold/Wikimedia Commons), Joe R. Lansdale (Karen Lansdale), and Lauren Beukes

WHISKEY WITH MY BOOK praises Patricia A. McKillip’s entertaining DREAMS OF DISTANT SHORES.

I picked this book off of NetGalley because of the beautiful cover. Thomas Canty is the artist of the piece titled By the Window. After further research I learned that he is an illustrator and cover designer in fantasy fiction. He is said to have pioneered a ‘New Romantic’ style of illustrations. I could not find much more on the artist himself, but I did find this Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/na8e/thomas-canty/.


The cover illustration is just an hint of what is inside. Patricia A. McKillip displays an amazing imagination in Dreams of Distant Shores. Each story is unique. Each story has vivid setting and engaging characters. The imagery is absolutely beautiful. Surprises are the norm in these tales, so prepare to be entertained.


IN THE MOUTH OF DORKNESS Podcast announced via Twitter their second Film Club selection.

The 2nd #ITMODFilmclub selection has been announced – Cold in July!! Tweet us topics! Read @joelansdale’s book too!


Tammy Sparks on BOOKS BONES & BUFFY lists her recent acquisitions.

SLIPPING by Lauren Beukes. I adore this author, and so I’m curious to see what her short fiction is like. Big thanks to Tachyon for the review copy!


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