Tachyon tidbits featuring Kimberly Unger, R. B. Lemberg, Anne R. Dick, and Patrick Leary

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In Norwescon 2—Supplemental, Mark Murata’s Suburban Fantasy and Science Fiction discusses Kimberly Unger’s appearance at the con and subsequent winning of the Philip K. Dick Award for THE EXTRACTIONIST.

I should have said in yesterday’s post that Kimberly Unger was one of the speakers on the subject of AI—or not really AI, just machine learning.

Later, she won the Philip K. Dick award for best paperback novel (science fiction of fantasy) published last year.

The Extractionist
Cover by Elizabeth Story

To Other Worlds praises R. B. Lemberg’s THE UNBALANCING in 2022 r/Fantasy Bingo Challenge: Conclusion and Thoughts.

Last book I read for Bingo, ending it on a high note. The beginning was a little rough, but the take on gender, especially the setting recognising several non-binary genders, was great. And without going into spoiler territory, it also does something very bold plot-wise, which I can only applaud.

Bingo rating: YAY

Cover by Elizabeth Story

David Agranoff at Postcards from a Dying World reviews Anne R. Dick’s important THE SEARCH FOR PHILIP K. DICK.

Keep in mind Anne is not a writer, and as such there are some clumsy details. At times there are more details than the average reader needs. THAT SAID. that is stuff that Dickheads like myself are totally digging into. Does the average reader need to know that was Anne who picked the Ludwig Binswanger book at the library? No, but this researcher certainly noted it. David Gill in the introduction pointed out that Anne told us which piece (the old shoe) Phil choose for family monopoly. Does the average reader need a chart of the real-life friends on whom Phil based the characters in Dr. Bloodmoney after? Dickheads will eat it up.

Anne could’ve hated Phil, he certainly crushed her publically, it seemed clear friends that knew her saw through Phil’s stories. Either way, it seems clear to me that Anne without coming out and saying as much blamed the drugs for what happened to Phil, her marriage, and the relationships that came later. Phil said as much in A Scanner Darkly and The Divine Madness of PKD by Kyle Arnold makes a great case for this.

I gained lots of respect for Anne, not that I didn’t have it before. She could’ve been more bitter but the way she approached this project. This book is important to the scholarship of Philip K. Dick

Cover by Josh Beatman

For Jim Fruend’s Hour of the Wolf, Patrick Leary reads an unpublished chapter from 51.