Full of heart, BOYS, BEASTS & MEN serves not only as a great introduction to Sam J. Miller’s stories but also as a timely body of work

A fresh review of Sam J. Miller’s debut collection BOYS, BEASTS & MEN from Logan England at Signal Horizon plus an author chat with Scott Edelman on Eating the Fantastic podcast. Additionally, FanFiAddict shares some Miller writing advice.

Cover of BOYS, BEASTS, & MEN, a collection by Sam J. Miller.
Cover by Jennifer O’Toole
Design by Elizabeth Story

This collection is full of heart, and I can’t recommend it enough. Miller ends the collection with story notes that give additional insight into the original publication and origin of each story, as well as some easter eggs to hunt for in the shared universes of some of the stories. BOYS, BEASTS & MEN is a great introduction to Sam J. Miller’s catalog of short stories as well as a timely body of work that looks at the sense of isolation and yearning for connection many of us are feeling in these turbulent times.

Signal Horizon
Photo by Scott Edelman

It’s time to settle in for another lunch during the Washington, D.C. pop culture festival Awesome Con. Last episode, you eavesdropped on my meal with Patrick O’Leary, and this time around you get to take a seat at the table with Sam J. Miller.

You first heard me chat and chew with Sam 5-1/2 years ago in Episode 24, and when I noted he’d be at the con to promote his debut short story collection Boys, Beasts & Men, I knew it was time for us to catch up.

Eating the Fantastic

This is a short clip of writing advice from our interview with genre-bending, award-winning author Sam J. Miller, where he compares different story formats (like novels, short stories and novellas), and shares what attracts him to each.