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Nick Mamatas, Nalo Hopkinson (photo: David Findlay), Jaymee Goh, Michael Swanwick (Beth Gwynn), and Kathryn Cramer

In their Worldcon 76 Report, LOCUS interviews Tachyon publisher Jacob Weisman.

Shahid Mahmoud of Phoenix Pick reported “good traffic with above average sales” and Jacob Weisman of Tachyon said, “Many of our authors signed at the tables and hung out, sitting on the couch and comfy chairs we brought for them. Nick Mamatas’ early book release party for THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EVERYTHING was definitely a highlight at the booth, but we sold enough of everything we brought to make the convention an unqualified success.”

SU lauds Nalo Hopkinson’s foreword to FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS.

I was introduced to Nalo Hopkinson during my first semester of college in my mandatory writing seminar. We read a short story of hers, and I loved it. She’s been a favorite writer of mine for some time now.

The foreword to her short story collection Falling in Love with Hominids is one of my favorite texts. It is brief but poignant.

Every human being should read it.

BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES (Issue #262, Tenth Anniversary Month Double-Issue II) offers Jaymee Goh’s “Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountains” in print and audio.

When the magistrate arrives in Immen, the first thing he does is summon Grandmother Seung, druidess of Yang Village Behind-the-Mountains, to ask for her magic potion. (This is, of course, after putting into order the work his predecessor left behind, after examining the roster of his new officers, after a good night’s rest. The magistrate understands the perfect order of things.)

He is not thrilled about being assigned to this northern district, snowed-in for half the year and too close to the tundra for his comfort. The land of Yaoha is known for its pristine snows, but there are reasons why the capital is not in the mountains. When he thinks about how the elder brother called the Adjudicator told him about his new assignment, he feels blood rising in his cheeks and he pictures the smug smile on the Adjudicator’s face at having disrupted a younger brother’s promising military career. The Adjudicator claimed that the northern district needed someone savvy enough to understand the delicate politics on the border, and a court-raised official would be perfect. The magistrate is a middling scion of the royal family, but he doesn’t think he deserves to be sent away like that. He has never hurt anyone, least of all any of his brothers.

Cover by Mats Minnhagen

TOR.COM reveals Michael Swanwick’s new novel The Iron Dragon’s Mother.

The urban edge of The Magicians meets Gene Wolfe’s The Wizard Knight in Michael Swanwick’s new adventure fantasy. A return to the gritty, post-industrial faerie world of Swanwick’s previous novels The Iron Dragon’s Daughter and The Dragons of Babel, The Iron Dragon’s Mother publishes June 2019 from Tor Books! 

Cover by Gregory Manchess

Also at TOR.COM, James Davis Nicoll includes Kathryn Cramer among 
Fighting Erasure: Women SF Writers of the 1980s, Part III

Kathryn Cramer has written short fiction but she may be best known for co-helming YEAR’S BEST FANTASY from 2001 to 2009 and The Year’s Best SF from 2002 to 2012.

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