Thanksgiving Tacky-Pack: 25% off titles from Naseem Jamnia, R.B. Lemberg, Sam J. Miller, and Kimberly Unger

Thanksgiving Sale: 25% OFF on our shiny new books!

Celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with our newest Tacky-Pack, curated by the Tacky Rhino himself.  In these four recent Tachyon books, you’ll discover passion at the end of the world as an impatient starkeeper and a reclusive poet fall in love; a powerful debut novella set in a queernormative, and neurodiverse, Persian-inspired world; mesmerizing stories of queer infatuation, inevitable heartbreak, and satisfying revenge; and a even a disgraced underground hacker as she fights the powers-that-be.

Thanksgiving Tacky-Pack

Give thanks for something real with this special gathering of Tachyon’s recent science fiction and fantasy!

In this intricate debut fantasy introducing a queernormative Persian-inspired world, a nonbinary refugee practitioner of blood magic discovers a strange disease that causes political rifts in their new homeland. Persian-American author Naseem Jamnia has crafted a gripping narrative with a moving, nuanced exploration of immigration, gender, healing, and family.

n this first full-length novel from the acclaimed Birdverse, new love blossoms between an impatient starkeeper and a reclusive poet as they try together to save their island home. THE UNBALANCING is a gorgeous tale of the inevitable transformations of communities and their worlds rooted in the mystical cosmology, neurodiversity, and queerness that infuses Lemberg’s lyrical prose.

In her breakout technothriller, virtual reality expert Kimberly Unger (NUCLEATION) has created the iconic, badass, nerdy heroine that you desperately need: Eliza McKay. McKay is disgraced underground hacker who is just trying to take back her career one dangerous job at a time. But when her latest contract throws her into the middle of a corporate power struggle, she finds herself fighting for her life.

BOYS, BEASTS & MEN by Sam J. Miller
Queer infatuation, inevitable heartbreak, and satisfying revenge seamlessly intertwine in Sam J. Miller (Blackfish CityThe Art of Starving)’s long-awaited debut short story collection. Whether innocent, guilty, or not even human, the beings in Miller’s gorgeously-crafted worlds can destroy you—yet leave you longing for them even more.