More Tachyon titles appear on best of the year lists including Tobias S. Buckell’s A STRANGER IN THE CITADEL, Marjorie Liu’s THE TANGLEROOT PALACE, Brandon Sanderson’s THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, Ellen Datlow’s NIGHTMARES, and Tim Powers’ THE BIBLE REPAIRMAN AND OTHER STORIES 

As coverage of 2023 winds down, several Tachyon books managed to make their way onto best reads lists. Cat Rambo for Ambling Along the Aqueduct lists Tobias S. Buckell’s A STRANGER IN THE CITADEL among her favorite reads. At Beyond the Bookshelves, C. N. Wheaton expresses similar thoughts about Marjorie Liu’s THE TANGLEROOT PALACE. According to Bookish Muggle, Brandon Sanderson’s Hugo-awarding novella THE EMPEROR’S SOUL was once again one of the top reads of the year. On Trumpetville, Peter Tennant’s best reads of 2023 includes, without comment, Ellen Datlow’s NIGHTMARES: A NEW DECADE OF MODERN HORROR and Tim Powers’ THE BIBLE REPAIRMAN AND OTHER STORIES.

cover image of A Stranger in the Citadel by Tobias Buckell
Cover by Elizabeth Story

Terrific world-building and a librarian questioning that world.

Ambling Along the Aqueduct
Cover art by Sana Takeda
Design by Elizabeth Story

I found this collection the most consistently strong throughout. “Sympathy for the Bones” was a particular standout.

Beyond the Bookshelves
Cover of The Emperor's Soul
Cover art by Alexander Nanitchkov
Design by Elizabeth Story

Sanderson is unbeatable in world building. I said this to him in person when I got this book signed from him at Worldcon. Soul stones and soul stamps are such cool magic tools. Magic system is top notch in this and very different from every other fantasy book I have read so far. It was interesting to learn in the Epilogue where the idea of stamps came from (in a Taiwan museum). The story was nice and different. I loved the main characters too.

Bookish Muggle