Tachyon tidbits featuring Nancy Kress, John Joseph Adams, Jaymee Goh, Kate Elliott, Tad Williams, and Andrew Fox

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

Deborah J. Ross, on her eponymous blog, praises Nancy Kress’ SEA CHANGE.

Dramatic, full of wonderful details and characters, all in all a satisfying and thoughtful read. But I would expect no less from Kress.

Series editor John Joseph Adams announced the contents for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020 (edited by Diana Gabaldon). The volume includes several Tachyon contributors: Charlie Jane Anders (SIX MONTHS, THREE DAYS), Elizabeth Bear (DIGITAL RAPTURE, REWIRED), Ken Liu (THE VERY BEST OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, VOLUME 2), Deji Bryce Olukotun (INVADERS), Rebecca Roanhorse (THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION), Adam Troy-Castro (THE MONSTROUS), E. Lily Yu (THE NEW VOICES OF FANTASY, THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION), and Tachyon editor Jaymee Goh (contributor to STEAMPUNK III).

Speaking of Jaymee Goh, her story “Anak Sungai” appears on CURIOUS FICTIONS.

“Stay away from Sang Kancil,” Sang Buaya would warn me. I did not care to argue with my guardians. “He is clever and tricky, and will waste no time taking advantage of your goodness.”

Through groundwater paths, through streams and trickles between hills and mountains, I stretched my being as far and wide as possible, exploring the world through its breathing earth. Where I wandered, I listened to the warbling of Tiong and Merpati, the nighttime shrieks of Keluang and Kelawar high above my head as I passed through the roots of trees.

“Ya Si Jernih!” they would cry, “and where do you go today?”

What a question! Wherever I go, of course. Who stops a river’s inexorable course? But there are times I stepped out of my element to wander inland, whispering myself into the morning mists, or the humidity between trees. I espied Sang Sawa on a tree waiting for prey.