Tachyon tidbits featuring Best indie publisher 2020, Lisa Goldstein, Rebecca Roanhorse, Gordon Van Gelder, and Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

REEDSY named Tachyon Publications as one of the Best Independent Publishers 2020.

This San Francisco-based small press has been publishing thoughtful speculative fiction since 1995, sweeping up a full slate of high-profile nominations on the way, from the Hugo to the Nebula and beyond. Their sustained excellence has earned them legendary status in the eyes of hardcore sci-fi fans, although they occasionally dip into other, less speculative genres like memoir and mystery. Tachyon Publications’ bread and butter are its famous science fiction short story collections, which routinely earn glowing reviews from the likes of Booklist and Library Journal.

Graham Sleight in his Year in Review 2019 for LOCUS comments on Lisa Goldstein’s IVORY APPLES.

Lisa Goldstein’s IVORY APPLES (Tachyon) was a delightful and thoughtful contem­porary fantasy about family and history from one of the field’s most underappreciated authors.

At TOR.COM, Andrew Liptak reports that Amazon Has Optioned Rebecca Roanhorse’s “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™”, which appeared in Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman’s THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION.

Rebecca Roanhorse has announced that her Hugo and Nebula Award-winning short story “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™” has been optioned by Amazon Studios for a potential film project.

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San Francisco Public Library shares Gordon Van Gelder’s talk at the reception for SF by the Bay on Feb. 15, 2020.

At the Catalan site LA LECTORA, Edgar Cotes cites Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s THE NEW WEIRD in his article “A weird story of two cities“.

In the introduction to THE NEW WEIRD (2008), Jeff and Ann VanderMeer defined it as follows: “A type of alternative, urban literature that subverts preconceived ideas found in traditional fantasy, using realistic and complex real world models as a starting point for creating scenarios that can combine elements of both science fiction and fantasy”. Despite the ambiguity of the definition, a number of authors, such as Alastair Reynolds, Clive Baker, KJ Bishop, Mary Gentle, or Justina Robson, endorsed this manifesto and set up a transgressive work that overturned the most incarcerated models. a certain kind of fantastic literature.

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