Tachyon tidbits featuring Kimberly Unger, Joe R. Lansdale, James Morrow, David Liss, Michael Swanwick, Jacob Weisman & David Sandner, and Alyssa Wong

The latest reviews and mentions of Tachyon titles and authors from around the web.

Tales from a Hack enjoys Kimberly Unger’s THE EXTRACTIONIST.

Fast paced. An action-movie of a novel.

The Extractionist
Cover by Elizabeth Story

Joe R. Lansdale’s BORN FOR TROUBLE: THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF HAP AND LEONARD garners a 5 star review from Nonstop Reader.

Hap & Leonard are simply a mighty force of nature. The stories are violent, outlandish, over the top, and hysterically funny (often at the same time and with a suddenness which leaves the reader with whiplash). Lansdale is such a capable writer that I can simply go along for the ride knowing that he knows where we’re going and I can just look around and enjoy the scenery. And what scenery it is. There’s a real-ness and urgency to the storytelling that *must* be from the writer’s stored experiences. He’s simply a virtuoso storyteller and I love his work.

Design by John Coulthart

The little befuddled Snapdragon Alcove recommends James Morrow’s THE ASYLUM OF DR. CALIGARI.

This book is hard to describe what it is and it just weird. If you like old films and weird things then give this book a read.

Cover By Elizabeth Story

Lancer Kind on his Scifi Thoughts podcast interviews David Liss about his book THE PECULIARITIES.

Design by Elizabeth Story

TALES OF OLD EARTH by Michael Swanwick was included in Dafni Ma’s “8 Best Lesser Known Sci-fi Books To Read During The Holidays” at Game Rant.

In this anthology of nineteen sci-fi and fantasy tales, writer Michael Swanwick manages to push, pull, stretch, and dissect the whole genre of speculative fiction.

There are some really hard sci-fi stories that would make for perfect movie adaptations. But they work amazingly well as short stories too – if the reader is prepared to be slapped in the face with some harsh truths about the society we live in. But then again, that’s a constant when it comes to sci-fi.

Cover by Michael Dashow

Eric Smith for the San Francisco Book Review praises David Sander and Jacob Weisman’s sequel to Mingus FingersHellhounds.

 This short, sweet, supernatural story touches on a few myths and legends surrounding blues music. 

Cover by Tom Canty

The authors also contributed to John Scalzi’s The Big Idea.

When two writers join forces… how does the work actually get done? David Sandner and Jacob Weisman get real on this topic, and how it was their collaboration on Hellhounds got done.

Cover art by Camille André
Design by Elizabeth Story

Remembrance of Things Past and Future reviewed Alyssa Wong’s short story “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers,” which was reprinted in the World Fantasy Award winning THE NEW VOICES IN FANTASY (edited by Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman).

I didn’t intend it like this (reading these stories blind and all), but it feels like “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” is a good counterpoint to Kornbluth’s “The Mindworm,” as if Wong took the animalistic vampire of that story and made him human—all too human.